About Us


Malka believes in enabling communication so fluid that Deaf and Hearing alike lose awareness of the interpreter between them.

Our mission is grounded in our CEO’s desire to place the Deaf on a level playing field with the Hearing. This objective requires several key components, all of which are fundamental focuses of Malka:
Interpreters who understand their clients so well that they never distort, exaggerate or ignore any element of the conversation
Glitch-free technology that allows for the Deaf party and Hearing party to forget that they are looking at a screen
Giving clients the capacity to work with us and our interpreters so that we may fully accommodate them
Ensuring that interpreter attendance is 100% (an attendance-rate we have maintained to this day)
Educating the Hearing on Deaf needs and educating the Deaf on self-esteem and independence

We believe that interpreters bear a major responsibility: to accurately reflect both clients, Deaf and Hearing, in the content and emotion of their communication. Because of their essential position, our interpreters are highly skilled professionals. Malka interpreters are trained to comprehend signs, inflections, and intentions and provide translation into articulate, appropriate English. Sometimes, interpreters must also serve in the capacity of a cultuiral mediator in order to promote effective cross-cultural communication.

All of Malka’s interpreters honor our philosophy of fluent and effective communication, acting with the skill, talent, and charisma necessary for being an exceptional interpreter. As a prerequisite, our interpreters are immersed in Deaf culture so they may quickly percieve and resolve misunderstandings, and mitigate potential miscommunications. Our interpreters understand that accurate interpretation is crucial and is unconditionally necessary to achieve our goal of equal communication.

Our History
In December 2010, Malka Communications began as a Video Relay Service company, with the mission of providing universal communications access for the Deaf. Amidst tremendous competition and intense oversight by the Federal Communications Commission, Malka made a name for itself by quickly growing and surpassing the rest of the industry’s and improving the general experience with waste, fraud, and abuse. Nataly Malka, the founder and CEO, has a deep and personal connection to the Deaf community and her twenty-five years’ of experience has helped Malka Communications to become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. More importantly, Malka worked tirelessly under the jurisdiction of the FCC to offer honest, transparent, and high-quality services.

In November of 2011, Malka shifted gears to Video Remote Interpreting, which gave rise to a number of opportunities. Domestically, Malka has since begun to provide services for Fortune 500 companies, major non-profits, and governmental entities. Internationally, Malka has maintained and applied the same expectations for quality-control with government entities to create communications-access infrastructure in a number of major countries.


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