The purpose of installing VCS throughout a country is to better connect members of the Deaf community with the rest of its society. VCS establishes a network of interpreters, video communication software, and video communications devices that connect Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals with those who are hearing. This system allows the Deaf to speak with anyone through an interpreter using their local sign language. More



MalkaVRI is fast, simple, and affordable. Not only do we comply with the “reasonable accommodations” provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but we also strive to provide you with equal accommodations. You can schedule to dial a live interpreter at any time to communicate between you and your Deaf client through a computer, tablet, or mobile phone with a webcam. Download our free app, create an account, and you are immediately ready to use MalkaVRI! More


ServiceLandingTERP Malka TERP

MalkaTERP is our in-person interpreting service, complementing MalkaVRI in the event a Deaf individual has a particular preference. We hold an equally high standard for our on-site interpreters.  They are capable of showing up to a location 24/7 on-demand, and by appointment we have a 100% attendance rate, and 0 cancellations. More



For our captioning service we highly encourage you to work with our partner, Caption Colorado (CC). With a 97% accuracy rate, CC is the nation’s leading provider of real-time captioning and offline transcription service. With more than 160 employees, CC services some of the biggest names in the television industry. These companies include ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and other media giants. In addition to the television industry, CC also services the government and other industries. In the government CC is proud to service the FAA, NASA, US Department of Justice, US Postal Service, US Department of Transportation, and many more.


Education is a primary tenet of Malka’s mission. We believe in the power of information and in generating knowledge. It is therefore part of our mission to provide in-depth, comprehensive information about the Deaf community and Deaf culture to everyone. Our goal is to promote independence among the Deaf, awareness among the Hearing, and an even more nuanced skill-set for interpreters all over the world.
In the spirit of our mission we provide a variety of workshops and classes to Deaf students in the United States and all over the world. Our subjects include American Sign Language, Life Skills, Deaf history and laws related to Deafness. All workshops and classes are taught by experts in their respective fields, through video technologies such as Skype.

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