MalkaTERP is our in-person interpreting service, complementing MalkaVRI in the event a Deaf individual has a particular preference. We hold an equally high standard for our on-site interpreters.  They are capable of showing up to a location 24/7 on-demand, and by appointment we have a 100% attendance rate, and 0 cancellations.

We understand just how important it is that your interpreter effectively bridges the communication gap. Our interpreters have been hand-picked for their charisma and their ability to reflect the content and emotion of each conversation. With an understanding of Deaf culture, our interpreters are fully equipped to fulfill our philosophy of an interpretation so fluent that it will feel like the interpreter is not even there.

If you are interested in our MalkaTERP solution, do not hesitate to contact us at (818) 990-0278. Below is a list of ideal situations to ensure that our MalkaTERP solution fulfills your needs:

  • Meetings or interviews planned in advance Conference
  • Complex, time-consuming issues
  • Group meetings or interviews
  • Where deaf clients prefers to have the Interpreter there in person
Do you have questions regarding MalkaTERP? Contact Us!